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Micky Ha Ha Power Point Safety Cover

The Micky Ha Ha Power Point Safety Cover completely stops children having access to power points whether in use or not. The clear rounded design allows the user to see the status of the power point without removing the cover but stops children being able to pull plugs out or turn switches on or off. The base fits snuggly around the power point and the top cover clips on to the base with 2 child resistant catches. Appliance cords are directed out through slots in the cover.

The cover can be turned so cords can be directed out either the top or bottom. Perfect for higher power points such as air conditioner plugs to stop cords dangling. For people who don’t have children but have children visit and for flexibility, the base can be left on permanently and the top clipped on when needed. Ideal for those who like to change their furniture around. The cover will also allow many common power chargers to fit underneath it.

The Micky Ha Ha Power Point Safety Cover is also ideal for workshop areas where dust, dirt and sparks are a problem. The safety cover protects the power point and prevents accidental unplugging.

Installation and Care

The Micky Ha Ha Power Point Safety Cover will fit most standard Australian power points such as Clipsal and HPM. They come complete with two adhesive strips located on the top and bottom of the base. To attach, simply peel off the outer tape cover and firmly press onto a cleaned and dried flat surface. The adhesive increases in strength over 24 hours so minimal handling at first is recommended.

For non-painted surfaces or for more permanent installation, there are two locating holes in the top and bottom of the base. We recommend using screws to attach the cover to the wall as this will be the most solid installation method.

Clean your Micky Ha Ha Power Point Safety Cover is as simple as using a damp cloth. DO NOT use solvent-based cleaners, abrasive cleaners or harsh chemicals as discoloration could occur and can damage the surface.