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Micky Ha Ha Power Point Safety Cover

Put your child’s safety first, with Micky Ha Ha’s Power Point Safety Cover, which prevents electrocutions, by stopping children from pulling out plugs, or turning switches on or off. It’s the only product on the market that conveniently allows plugs to remain installed when in use.
Two child-resistant catches and a rounded, all-clear design will provide piece of mind to parents. The universal design is compatible with all Australian standard-size single or double power points.
The Micky Ha Ha Power Point Safety Cover is also ideal for workshop areas where dust, dirt and sparks are a problem. The safety cover protects the power point and prevents accidental unplugging.
Install permanently with screws or via adhesive tape. Proudly Australian made and owned. 
The two piece Micky Ha Ha Power Point Safety Cover fits over all Australian standard size single and double power points. Outlets in the cover exist to enable power cords to remain installed when in use. To remove the cover, hold down the tabs on both sides of the base to lever out. Simply click back into place to replace the cover. 


Two self-adhesive tape strips are included that cure over 24-hours, or alternatively the cover can be screwed into the wall. 
To attach, simply peel off the outer tape cover and firmly press onto a dry, flat surface. For more permanent installation on non-painted surfaces, insert screws into the holes in the top and bottom of the base. Once inserted, tighten with a screwdriver or with the use of an electrical drill. 
A damp cloth should be used to clean your Micky Ha Ha Power Point Safety Cover. 
Do not use solvent-based cleaners, abrasive cleaners or harsh chemicals, as this could cause discolouration and damage the surface.